Regional Property Group is
now Raines Restoration


Disaster can strike at any moment, particularly when it’s most inconvenient and not during regular business hours.

Whether a tree falls on your roof, the water heater floods your basement or there is a grease fire in the kitchen, you need someone you can trust with the knowledge and experience in emergency cleanup and restoration to get the job done right. Regional Property Group/Raines Restoration offers 24/7 emergency services for residential and commercial property and will take immediate action to resolve the issue and limit potential danger to your home or business.

Whether from a natural disaster, flood, fire or smoke damage, calling Regional Property Group/Raines Restoration right away will help minimize the damage to your property and reduce the amount of cleaning and restoration costs. Our technicians will be able to offer solutions that are unique to your situation for quick and effective clean up and repair.

Our Services Include:

What to Expect When We Arrive?

Our uniformed and certified restoration specialist will come to your door. He/she will walk your property to assess the extent of the damage and construct a comprehensive plan that will indicate which areas should be addressed first.

If there is standing water on your property due to a flood or fire, it is crucial to first extract the water and remove wet items to limit the extent of the damage and prevent mold growth or structural insecurity. We’ll then work to dry your home with fans and proceed with our remediation and restoration plan.

Our technicians will go over the plan and informational forms to provide you with the knowledge necessary to have a full understanding of the remediation and restoration process.

Regional Property Group/Raines Restoration will work with your insurance company to process your claim to reduce the amount of out of pocket expense that you will be responsible for. If you have questions, concerns or need immediate emergency assistance for your residential or commercial property call us at 443-684-1005.