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Staying Cautious During Flood Cleanup

flood cleanup southern maryland, flood repair southern marylandYou might assume that the worst of the danger is over when a flood ceases, however, flood cleanup can be just as dangerous as the actual flood itself. Contaminated water, electrocution, or fire are very real risks when you have a large scale flood in your home. Here are three things to look out for and be wary of when you have a flood in your house.

Be Wary Of Down Electric Lines

Now, there are several types of flooding that you could experience, and only a portion of these floods are caused by natural disasters. However, if your flood in your home is caused by a natural disaster, then you might need to be aware of electric lines being down. If you have standing water in your home and around it, and the power lines are down, there is a risk of electrocution. Though this instance is rare, it is still a very real threat and something you should look out for. Try to get to safety and call the utilities in your area if you see anything out of place.

Be Aware Of The Water Category

There are three water categories: clear, grey, and black. Clearwater is tap water that is basically clean but is leaking out of your pipes. This kind of flood water in your home is not dangerous other than it causing water damage if it sits for a long period of time. Grey water is when there could be chemical, biological, or physical contaminants in the water. This can cause discomfort or sickness if you come into contact with it. This could be water discharge from toilet bowls, dishwashers, or washing machines. Blackwater is the most dangerous and has a high level of contaminants. This is usually from sewage or rising waters from a storm. Blackwater can make you very sick if you come into contact with it and should be avoided at all costs. Call a professional at Regional Property Group in Southern Maryland if you have any flood water in your home, especially if it is grey or black water.

Shut Off Utilities

When you have a flood in your home from a water leak, you don’t just have to worry about shutting the water off. It is important that you shut off your gas lines and electricity as well during these emergencies. If you don’t know how to do that, then contact your utility companies to help you figure it out or come out and do it for you. Gas and electricity can cause fires when they come in contact with flood water.

Flood cleanup can be very dangerous to your health and should be carried out by a professional crew. Make sure you and your family stay safe by evacuating the area in cases of a widespread flood. Even in small scale floods, there could be potential dangers to your health. Contact Regional Property Group right away to make sure you get the damages taken care of as soon as possible.