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Top 3 Causes Of House Fires

fire damage cleanup southern maryland, fire damage southern marylandA home is supposed to be a place of security and peace; a place where you can feel safe and away from danger.  In a way, a home is built to be a type of utopia. However, the term utopia is defined as an imaginary place of perfection and peace; and therefore, impossible to establish. Unfortunately, even a home cannot truly become a perfected location due to the unknown situations and challenges that can happen at any moment.  

Fire damage is a common situation that homeowners have to deal with in their lives. It is a terrible scenario. Your possessions, your safety, your livelihood, all could be damaged or ruined thanks to the greedy fingers of flames. While everything before you is being repaired by a professional fire damage cleanup crew in Southern Maryland and the surrounding areas; take note of the most common ways in which a fire can take over your home before you can even blink.

1) Cooking Equipment:   Cooking, whether small meals or banquets, becomes second-hand nature for anyone who gives enough of their time and effort and practice.  Many find that it becomes a talent of theirs that they strengthen into a career path in which they are able to cook full time. But, no matter a cook’s skill at the stove or grill, if you are not diligent, your favorite pastime can become the death of your home.  

While cooking, never leave pots and pans unsupervised on your stove.  Cooking pans can become overheated and if not properly taken care of, could possibly start a fire that can overwhelm your kitchen. However, if you must leave the cooking area, grab someone else and have them watch your foods while you are away.

   2)  Heating: Winters in January are very cold and it is a prime month for heating blankets, heating pads, and heaters are well-used devices to keep oneself warm during the freezing nights that winter brings along with it. Heaters, however, are culprits of many house fires. If you possess a heater, make sure that it is kept a one-meter length of any combustible items such as furniture and curtains. If any of these objects catch even the smallest of flame, you could be facing serious fire consequences.  

  3) Smoking In Bedrooms: Smoking may be a dying habit, but it is still alive with 15 of every 100 U.S. citizens.  If you are one of these people who still smoke, know that 73% of all house fires are caused by cigarettes?  It is best to keep one’s bedroom off limits if you are a smoker, but if you must take a smoke break in your bedroom, make sure that you properly dispose of any cigarettes and keep them away from blankets, bed sheets, and curtains as these can easily catch flame if one is not careful.  

Fires in your home are not a pleasant surprise or situation in which anyone wants to deal with, and even these steps are not full proof. If you find yourself faced with a fire damaged home, call Regional Property Group in southern Maryland and the surrounding areas. Their specialized and professional crew will come in and do the best that they can to give your home the proper repairs needed to make it liveable again.  Call (410)-449-7840 and ask for their assistance today!