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Restoring After Fire Damage

fire damage cleanup southern maryland, fire damage repair southern marylandA house fire and its smoke create a complicated mess requiring sanitizing, restoring or rebuilding. You may not be able to see the extent of the fire damage because often it has occurred in areas that aren’t visible, such as behind walls and in the attic or it has affected the structural, electrical or plumbing systems. Even walls or surfaces that aren’t in the same room where the fire originated can be damaged.

Surfaces with smoke damage and soot require special cleaning agents since common household cleaning products can be ineffective or may even cause additional damage. If water damage from extinguishing the flames creates the potential for mold growth, that will also need to be addressed in addition to fire and smoke damage.

Different types of fire can cause different kinds of smoke damage. For instance, smoldering fires can create a sticky residue. Fires that burn fast can leave behind powdery ash. Acidity destroys metals, which causes discoloration and disintegration. Allow the professionals at Regional Property Group to assess the damage and provide the right smoke, soot, and odor removal services for your particular fire damage disaster.


One of the first steps in the fire mitigation process is determining the cause of the fire, as well as the extent of the smoke damage, and then documenting it through photos to provide to the homeowner’s insurance company.

All rooms are tested for soot or smoke damage using a special dry cleaning chemical sponge to determine the degree of damage. The fire restoration company should then explain the cleaning process to the homeowners, as well as what the demo/rebuild phase may consist of (if applicable) and begin to decide what items are salvageable after a thorough inventory has been completed.

Cleaning Methods

A major part of fire cleanup focuses on purifying contaminated air and neutralizing odors caused by smoke. Most fire damage restoration services will use some of these pieces of equipment to help clean and sanitize the air:

  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum – A high-powered vacuum with filters that trap airborne particles like soot. It can be used on surfaces including ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Air scrubber – This machine helps eliminate odors and clean the air by using a filtration system to suck air in and filter it before releasing it back into the house.
  • Negative air fan – Removes contaminated air that’s inside a home through ducts, creating negative air pressure (a vacuum effect).
  • Ozone machine – Neutralizes odors and should only be used after a house is cleaned, emptied of all contents and vacated. The machine is typically used for a couple of days and the home must be ventilated for an additional 24 hours before reentry.  

Damage Prevention

The fire cleanup team will remove any contents from the home as quickly as possible to avoid further damage because the longer they are in the affected area, the more difficult they’ll be to clean.

For example, turning off HVAC systems helps avoid additional contamination to unaffected areas. Some fire cleanup companies may also recommend having vents, ducts and furnaces cleaned/serviced to prevent soot from circulating throughout the home.

Since the fire cleanup process can vary depending on the situation, sometimes the smoke-damaged items are photographed, inventoried, and then taken off site to the fire restoration companies cleaning facility. Here they are later determined as salvageable or non-salvageable.

Fire Damage Cleanup In Calvert County

Fire damage restoration professionals understand how devastating a fire can be for a family. Contact a restoration professional in southern Maryland as soon as possible after a fire.  At Regional Property Group, an expert team will save any property they can while making sure that smoke odors do not linger and insurance claims are correctly files. Call 410-449-7840 or visit for more information.