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Home Flooding: When It Happens To You

flood cleanup calvert county, flood damage cleanup calvert countyA flood in your home is devastating sometimes you may feel like you don’t know where to turn. Don’t let a flood make you feel this way because there are professionals that can help! Like the team at Regional Property Group in Calvert County, they can help make the cleanup process easier and you won’t have any stress about it. They will help combat the flood when it strikes.

Why Could I Experience A Flood?

A flood can be from heavy rain, high rivers, a broken pipe, and clogged sewer or drain lines, and even a faulty washing machine hose. If the flood is not from the inside of your home or any appliances, you may be wondering how is the water able to get inside my home? Well, one reason could be from a crack in the foundation of your home. The foundation is always on the ground and it can take a beating when dealing with melted ice or snow, water from storms, and precipitation. Those cracks will allow water to enter through the floors. Whatever may be causing your home to flood, you can be sure that a professional cleanup crew will clean and restore your home safely and in a timely manner.

What Is The Flood Cleanup Process?

The first step a professional team will take when handling the cleanup from the flood is an emergency mitigation. Locating where the problem started is very important, that way you can try to eliminate that source. The next step is also very important because the technicians will assess the water and make sure it is not contaminated. There are three different categories for classifying water. Category 1 is clean water and came directly from a sanitary source. An example of this is melting ice or snow, broken water lines, falling rainwater, tub or sink overflows. This does not cause a threat to you or your family, but time and temperature can degrade this to a Category 2 or even 3. Category 2 (grey water) is water with bacteria present, but no solid waste. This water will not cause sickness or discomfort if exposed to humans. This water usually comes from dishwashers or washing machines, toilet bowl overflow (urine, no feces), and sump pump failures. Category 3 (black water) is deadly and unsanitary water, which can include raw sewage, chemicals, rising water from rivers or streams. This water is contaminated and can cause serious illness or death if consumed in any way by humans.

After classifying the water, the cleanup of the standing water is the next step. Your restoration team will then start drying everything that touched the water completely. If the professionals find belongings that can be salvaged, those items will be set aside, so they can be cleaned, disinfected, and dried thoroughly. If personal belongings are not salvageable, they must be thrown out. Wet areas are also taped off and drying phrases happen, which is also called containment. This is important because it traps the heat and suction to that area, so it can be dried quickly. Temperatures and humidity levels will be monitored to ensure everything is drying out. Once everything is dry, your belongings and your whole home will be sanitized and disinfected using powerful detergents and disinfectants. Thanks to amazing teams like the crew at Regional Property Group in Calvert County, your home will be back to the way it was pre-flood!