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Tips For DIY Water Damage Cleanup

flood cleanup calvert county, flood damage cleanup calvert countyEven though there are things you can do to clean up water damage on your own, it is always best practice to contact a flood damage restoration specialist that can make sure nothing was overlooked. Water damage can happen in small spaces that you might miss and create major structural damage if it is not repaired immediately. In Calvert County, Regional Property Group is one of the best water restoration crews and will make sure your property is safe and protected after a water disaster has occurred.

That being said, there are some DIY tricks that can help you in the event of a flood damage emergency.

Water can ruin everything! Walls, insulation, carpet, furniture, wood, appliances, and HVAC. Most structures are made from porous materials that soak up water and become very fragile. Depending on the type of water causing the destruction, materials may become contaminated as well.

  1. Check your pipes. Flush your toilets. Check your running water. Make sure the water is safe to use for drinking/cleaning and that there are no clogs in your septic system. Floods often affect plumbing and can create sewage backup and a bigger problem if not handled right away.
  2. Secure your property. To minimize further damage, patch up holes that have been made and broken windows. This can be done with heavy plastic wrap and tarping equipment. Don’t get involved with unstable areas that could easily fall or cave in. For dangerous and unstable foundations, contact a professional that has the right tools and equipment to safely secure your property.
  3. Throw out anything that is destroyed by the water. Foam rubber and padded furniture will need to go. Disinfect items that can be salvaged. Cooking pans, plates, and utensils can all be sterilized but any soft plastics will need to be tossed out.
  4. Be sure to take photos or videos of the damage BEFORE you start to clean. This will help with any claims that need to be made with your insurance company.
  5. Wooden items may be salvageable. Take wooded furniture somewhere to dry out. The extent of the damage can be determined later.
  6. Water extraction may be necessary. If this is the case, contact a restoration company that has the right type of equipment to extract all the water and can dry out the affected areas quickly.

When To Call A Professional Restoration Service?

There is a lot of clean up work you can do on your own, but when it comes to successful restoration, you want to know that every nook and cranny is being taken into consideration. A professional restoration company has much more knowledge and experience and knows what to look for because they have seen it all before. Aside from experience, they will have the best equipment in the industry to extract water and dry out wet surfaces before major damage sets in. For 24/7 emergency assistance, contact a professional restoration company like Regional Property Group in Calvert County.