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Number One Rule to Water Damage: Act Fast

Water Damage Restoration Calvert County, Water Damage Cleanup Calvert County, Water Damage Calvert CountyEven the smallest kind of flooding, like a faucet overflow, can cause significant water damage to your home. It may be easy to put water damage to the back of your mind and ignore it entirely, but there are a number of reasons as to why water damage needs to be addressed quickly and thoroughly. It’s important to recognize the signs of damage brought about by flooding or excess water and be aware of your local disaster recovery company. Here’s why we at Regional Property Group believe flooding to be such a serious problem.

Destroyed Possessions

Even the smallest amounts of water can be way more powerful than you think. Water has a way of being able to destroy almost anything in its path. Whether it is your child’s homework or your grandmother’s antique armoire, water can damage it in a heartbeat. Even minor amounts of water can cause electronics to break and be rendered useless. Worse yet, if the water contains bacteria or harmful chemicals, it can cause further damage in your carpet, flooring, or drywall. These water contaminants can cause issues like parts of your home rotting. This can not only be damaging to the safety and structure of your home, but also a hazard to your health. Where there is water, there is mold and mold is a major health hazard.

Mold Development

Untreated water damage can lead to the growth of mold. Mold grows rapidly, as long as it has the proper wet and warm environment. This is why it’s paramount that you treat your damage immediately, as leaving it untreated can be costly and extremely difficult. Mold spores are dangerous and can easily grow throughout your home when left alone. It’s incredibly difficult to remove mold and will cause you that much more stress down the road if you don’t handle the problem at hand as soon as it happens. This is just another reason that you should call us at Regional Property Group as soon as you suspect even the smallest amount of water damage in your home.

Health Issues

Some kinds of mold can cause serious health concerns, but beyond that, water damage itself can lead to issues. Sometimes the water damage in your home can be from an unknown sewage backup. This water is obviously going to be contaminated with huge amounts of bacteria and harmful substances. However, clean standing water can also become hazardous. It can be host to a range of awful bacteria that, upon skin contact of ingestion, can cause serious illnesses. It’s imperative that water damage is treated quickly and thoroughly to keep you and your family’s health protected.

Water Damage Recovery

If you’ve been hit by water damage, DO NOT hesitate to call a qualified professional, like Regional Property Group. Our guys have been trained on how to properly clean up and repair the damages to your home. We can help restore any damaged areas quickly, efficiently, safely, and completely.