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Carpet Cleaning In Calvert County

While your carpet does not need to be professionally cleaned as often as other flooring surfaces, such as tile and grout, yourcarpet cleaning calvert county, professional carpet cleaning calvert county carpets should be cleaned by professionals every 12 to 18 months to prolong your carpet’s life and prevent the carpet fibers from breaking down and staining easier. Vacuuming regularly goes a long way in preventing carpet fiber damage and discoloration but it will not protect and deep clean your carpets like a professional cleaning can. So, why can’t you just rent some carpet cleaning equipment and go to town on your carpets?

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning blunders

In a perfect world, your carpets should be professionally cleaned, but in the real world, many homeowners try to deep clean their carpets on their own to save money.  The do-it-yourself method is rarely as effective as professional carpet cleaning and depending on the process used it can take a lot of time and a considerable amount of hard work. It is easy to damage carpet your carpets when trying to deep clean them yourself.

4 common blunders when cleaning carpets


Over shampooing happens when too much shampoo is added and not rinsed properly. Both are inevitable with most do-it-yourself methods that require shampoo and water. Over shampooing your carpet can cause the buildup of soapy residues and become extremely difficult if not impossible to remove, causing your carpets to become a dirt magnet.


Over-wetting occurs when too much water is put down on the carpet and not enough of the water is sucked up in the cleaning process. Over-wetting can cause your carpets to shrink, if the pad and the backing get too wet it can result in mold and mildew growth and extensive damage.

Not using the right cleaning solution

Carpets are not created equally and certain carpets require specific cleaning solutions to prevent the carpet from discoloration or fiber damage. Most carpet cleaners that can be purchased in a retail store are advertised as, “the one solution that fits all.” These cleaners can have harsh chemicals that will damage your carpet beyond repair.

Not protecting carpet from furniture

The final carpet cleaning blunder is not protecting your carpet from your furniture. When the proper prevention techniques and equipment are not used when moving your furniture comes in contact with your carpet staining and discoloration may occur. Metal furniture legs can cause rust stains. The dye from your furniture can transfer to your carpets. Wooden furniture pieces can become warped or damaged from the excess water left in the carpets.

The do-it-yourself method may be appealing at first but don’t fall victim to the blunders mentioned above. Professional carpet cleaning companies require their employees to go through extensive training courses to ensure the right techniques are performed. Professionals know the ins-and-outs of the carpet cleaning process and understand that each situation is unique and must be approached with a complete understanding of the carpet’s makeup, how often the carpet is used, and where trouble areas are located.