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8 Things that Won’t Burn in a House Fire

Not Everything Burns

According to the National Institute for Fire and Safety Training, the average house fire burns at about 1,100°F. That’s the same in the middle of a southern Maryland winter, or the middle of summer.

A fire of that magnitude is hot enough to quickly burn up most of your precious belongings, but you might be surprised to find that when the smoke settles and you’re allowed to look at what’s left, some metal and other hard objects have survived.

Here are some items to be on the lookout for if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to search through the rubble of a fire.

  1. Jewelry

Gold melts around 2,000°F, platinum at 3,200°F, and diamonds around 6,000°F, so there is a very good chance thatfire damage southern maryland, fire damage restoration southern maryland those items, along with other jewelry items survived the inferno. Many gem stones like rubies and sapphires have similarly high melting points. This means if you had jewelry in the home, try to search the areas where you stored them. Look carefully!

  1. Filing Cabinets

Steel filing cabinets are built to withstand a fire. This obviously depends on the quality of the filing cabinet itself, but many will survive a fire – and offer your vital documents a better chance of survival as well. However, it is always wise to consider having a firebox for those important documents.

  1. Tools

If Tim the Tool Man Taylor had been unfortunate enough to have a house fire during the run of the popular TV show Home Improvement, you better believe you would have heard his characteristic happy grunt when he discovered that his tools survived. Many tools, especially those made of steel or other hardened metals, can withstand fires of 2,500°F and above.

  1. Appliances

Okay, the structure of the appliance itself may survive a serious house fire, but there is a good chance heating and cooling elements, cords, and other key operational components will not. In a less severe fire, appliances are often cleaned up and restored to be perfectly functional again.

  1. The Grill

Just like many of the items on our list so far, grills are made out of steel or iron. That means a longer lifespan and the ability to withstand most house fires. Plus, just like filing cabinets are often stored away from areas where most fires start, like the kitchen, a grill is typically stored outside – further from the likely fire source.

  1. Cookware & Silverware

Unless you have your grandmother’s real silver dinnerware, this may seem less important than some of the other items on our list. But, since they’re metal, there is a good chance that your silverware would survive a fire. On the same note, some of your other metal cookware is likely to make it out of a house fire. However, this is becoming less and less common as rubber and plastic handles and lids are being added to cookware sets.

If you do find yourself sifting through the remnants of a house fire, take heart that Regional Property Group is here to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We can help clean items that made it through the fire, help you determine the overall loss, and promise to work right alongside you to restore your home.